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NASBP is led by its members, and fundamentally, this begins with NASBP Committees.  Committees service is an ideal path to expanding your impacts on and understanding of the Surety profession, build your leadership skills, and interact with other professionals with shared goals and similar interests. Make the most of your membership in NASBP — review the committee service options below, then complete the online Committee Interest Form to share your preferences.  Hope to see you at the next NASBP committee meeting!

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  • Automation and Technology Committee
    The Automation and Technology Committee monitors and analyzes automation and technology issues, standards, and products relative to the construction and surety industries.

  • Commercial Surety Committee
    The Commercial Surety Committee informs and educates members and the industry about Commercial Surety through educational programs, various media, and legislative information. The Committee’s communications emphasize how Commercial Surety products can be a lucrative market for surety bond producers.

  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee is a standing committee that oversees the financial integrity and operation of the Association. The Committee submits all budgetary recommendations to the Association’s Board of Directors for approval.

  • Government Relations Committee
    The Government Relations Committee develops and directs the government relations priorities and strategies for the Association. The Committee's advocacy efforts span all levels of government--local, state and federal--to advance the interests of bond producers and to educate legislators and government officials about the importance of surety bonding and the surety industry.     

  • Industry Relations Committee
    The Industry Relations Committee increases the Association’s outreach to and presence with construction industry associations, focusing specifically on organizations whose membership includes those that require, purchase, or are the beneficiaries of surety bonds. The Committee seeks opportunities to convey the importance of surety bonds and the role of the bond producer through various means including speaking engagements and the dissemination and placement of articles and other materials.

  • International Committee
    The International Committee provides an arena for individuals willing to share information about surety business across national borders. Its members include those providing services in countries other than their own, and those wishing to understand practices foreign to them. As clients find work in countries with different regulations, laws and customs, members of this committee look to one another for information and resources.

  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee is a standing committee that oversees the Association’s membership activities and policies. The Committee also develops campaigns to attract new members and to retain current members.

  • Professional Development Committee
    The Professional Development Committee advances the knowledge and skills of surety bond professionals by developing and offering professional development and educational programs including the William J. Angell Surety School, workshops, and distance learning courses.

  • Ethics Committee
    The Ethics Committee is a standing committee that works to heighten membership awareness of the Association’s Code of Ethics and to elevate individual and collective ethics of surety bond producers and the overall surety industry.

  • Small & Emerging Business Committee 
    The Small & Emerging Business Committee serves as a catalyst for initiatives within the Association to promote the interests of small and emerging businesses. The Committee advocates for resources to and educational programs for small and emerging businesses so they may qualify for surety credit.

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