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  • NASBP Podcast “Let’s Get Surety” launched in March 2020 and hit a big milestone the last week of October 2021—its 50th episode! Take a walk down memory lane as we remember some of our favorite episodes. ... more

  • By G. Scott Walters of Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP Published October 12, 2021 On September 30, 2021, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Council issued its Memorandum on Issuance of Agency ... more

  • By Anthony “Bud” Stewart of Dayhill Group Your cost to complete a project hinges on a variety of known and unknown factors. On a prior blog post, we focused on the importance of a contract’s “ Schedule ... more

  • By Joseph A. McManus Jr. and Rae T. Vann of Carlton Fields Published October 7, 2021 Last month, President Biden issued executive orders mandating COVID-19 vaccines for federal employees and protocols ... more

  • By Caroline A. Harcourt , James W. McPhillips and Adam J. Weaver of Pillsbury Published September 23, 2021 “Smart Construction” is a loose term but generally refers to the development and use ... more

  • By Victor N. Corpuz of Jackson Lewis P.C. Published September 30, 2021 In the construction industry, where multiple companies working closely together abound and where it is more difficult to monitor ... more

  • By Michael R. Hatcher of Jackson Lewis P.C. Published September 30, 2021 In September 2021, Congress continues to debate a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The Biden Administration estimates that ... more

  • By Craig H. O'Neill of White and Williams LLP Published September 24, 2021   There is no shortage of articles addressing the key points of construction contracts. Just enter that phrase into ... more

  • By Brian M. Streicher of Ernstrom & Dreste LLP Published Fall 2021   For nearly a year, New York attorneys and their clients have been grappling with the ramifications of Governor Cuomo’s ... more

  • By Timothy D. Boldt of Ernstrom & Dreste LLP Published Fall 2021 Despite progress in the management of COVID-19 impacts, the magnitude of price escalation risks in the construction industry is ... more

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