Highlights: Year in Review

NASBP Highlights


NASBP Annual Highlights, published as a full color brochure at the end of the year, summarizes some of the many accomplishments of NASBP.


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 From the NASBP President

Dear NASBP Members, Affiliates and Associates,

I do not have to tell you that 2020 has been a most unusual and challenging year that, by necessity, changed the very definition of what it means to be “present.” I certainly did not anticipate the COVID-19 pandemic when I first conceptualized my presidential year theme, Must Be Present To Win, but I have grown convinced of the appropriateness of that theme as we navigated this year. Remote work arrangements and social distancing restrictions have brought home that “presence” certainly is much more than just physical presence or proximity. When I was thinking of my theme, I did intend it to mean that all of us in the surety industry should be present for our product, for our association, and for our industry. I’m proud that the NASBP has adapted to these times and adopted new technologies to remain visible and relevant.

Over these months as NASBP President, I have come to think of “presence” as having additional characteristics: we, as surety professionals and as a collective group, must have both an inward presence and an outward presence. These “presences” are complimentary and are so vital to us connecting with colleagues and with others. Building and maintaining our credibility as professionals and as an industry has been the motivation for much of what we accomplished. This 2020 NASBP Highlights—Year in Review is organized around those ideas, showing how NASBP met this most challenging year of 2020 in new ways that connected each of us and underscored our continued presence as a surety community and our resolve to enhance our credibility with clients and other surety bond stakeholders. I am proud to state that, in 2020, NASBP redoubled its efforts and made sure it was present to win for ourselves and our industry. Doing good work for our clients, co-workers, and communities remains my priority commitment, and I know that all of you feel the same way. I wish you safety and well-being personally and professionally, and I look forward to being present with you in the New Year!

Yours sincerely,

Mark Munekawa
NASBP President (2020–2021)

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